Learning in the Summer

Just because school is out for the summer doesn’t mean we should stop teaching and learning! How can you keep your children’s brains active this summer? Besides exploring nature and the outdoors, there may be a few other ways to keep them sharp over the summer break!

Summer Reading

Keeping up with reading over the summer months is important so that students retain the strategies and skills they have learned throughout the year. Take a trip to your local library and let your kids pick out books that interest them! Then spend some time reading on a hammock, by a pool, or even indoors in the nice cold air conditioning. You may want to have your kids keep track of their summer reading. This free reading checklist is great for that because it not only has a spot to record reading, but also any chores your kids might do!

Summer Reading Checklist
Reading Checklist


Writing may not be the first thing on any kid’s summer to do list, but it is important to keep up with it so they don’t fall behind. Try writing about fun summer adventures or keeping a journal each day on a trip. Kids may also like writing letters or emails to friends or relatives they haven’t seen in awhile. Or perhaps creating their very own short story would be a fun activity.

If your child is just learning to make sentences, they can get a head start with this Summer Making Sentences Center. Just cut out the words and have your child move them around to create a simple sentence. They can practice writing the sentence they have made in a notebook.

Summer Sentences Center
Summer Making Sentences Center


If you’re out in nature anyway, you may as well practice counting, adding or subtracting things you see around you like rocks, sticks, birds, flowers, seeds, insects, and animals! Or count the number of blue cars or interesting license plates you see on your family road trip.

If you have preschoolers or kindergarten kids, they may like playing this free Summer Match Game.

Daily Activities

Whether it’s reading or writing or math or science, it’s good for kids to learn a bit every day. Using an activity calendar might be fun for kids who are looking to complete a small task each day.

I have Summer Activity Calendars for Grade 1 & Grade 2 students.

There is a short academic task for each day based on the child’s grade level.

Keep up the daily learning and have a great, safe summer!

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