About Me

Who is the Teaching Rabbit?  I'm glad you asked.

About Me

I have had experience teaching grades 1 - 3 in elementary schools in Ontario for 13 years.  My additional qualifications are in ESL and Special Education. I love designing and creating useful teaching resources, specifically for math and language arts.  I also enjoy baking, gardening, and spending time with my pet rabbit.

My Story

I always found it difficult to find good quality, relevant resources for each subject when I needed them.  I wished that there were more complete units available to make my planning and teaching easier.  In 2013 I began creating educational resources and games with those needs in mind.  I opened my Teachers Pay Teachers store and realized that many other teachers were benefiting from using my creations as well.  Today I continue to create lessons, units, centers, and activities that help teachers engage students in their learning.

To contact me, you can send me an email at: