New Resources

I am always creating new resources.  Each month I will use this page to showcase my most recent creations or any activities that have had significant updates!  Hop on by and check them out!

New Resources


Beginning Consonant Blends Posters & Activities

beginning blends activities

These Beginning Blends Posters & Activities are perfect for introducing blends in your classroom.  Students can look at the posters for reference and complete the activities independently or in small groups.

blends posters

There are also 8 picture cards for each blend (total of 160 cards).  There are over 90 pages of useful content in this package!

Penguin Number Lines

penguin number lines

Use these number lines for a fun winter math center!  Students can practice skip counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's!

Skip Counting Worksheets

skip counting worksheets

These skip counting worksheets and posters are great for first, second and third grade! They cover counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s on number lines, hundreds charts, and using pictures. Students are required to fill in the missing numbers and extend number patterns.

Calendar Cards

calendar cards

Looking for some month, day, and number  cards for your morning calendar routine?  These cards are great to have on hand for heading back to school!

Addition & Subtraction Secret Code Puzzles

addition and subtraction worksheets

These Addition and Subtraction Secret Code Puzzles are so much fun!  Students solve the problems to crack the codes!  Both single and double digit addition and subtraction problems are included so you can differentiate or use for several grade levels!

Counting Objects to 20 Worksheets

I have also recently created these no prep Counting Worksheets for kindergarten students.

counting to 20 worksheets

Place Value Cut and Paste Worksheets

These fun cut and paste worksheets are great to have for teaching place value at the beginning of the year!  Students can develop fine motor skills at the same time!

place value worksheets


Addition and Subtraction Within 20 - Word Problems Task Cards

addition and subtraction task cards

These Task Cards have been updated and there are now 40 cards in total.  This download includes both print and digital versions!

Verbs Activities

verbs board game

These verbs activities for 1st grade or ESL students include a matching game, 2 fill in the blank worksheets, a cut and paste worksheet, and a verbs past/present tense board game.  This resource has been updated with new fonts and graphics.

Probability Activities

This Probability Worksheets & Activities resource has been updated with new fonts and a few new worksheets.  Probability mats have been added as well.  Students can create the scenarios that show the chances of choosing certain coloured cubes.

probability mats

Bar Graphs & Pictographs Activities


This packet has been updated with a fresh new look.  Check it out!


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