Drama Activities for Elementary Students

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Sometimes it's hard to come up with engaging drama activities to do with your students, so it's great to have ready-made packs of laminated cards on hand to use for some fun, interactive lessons! This Drama Card Bundle comes with different types of activities such as Charades, Movement Cards, Tableaux, and more!

These 8 sets of cards can be used for drama, dance, physical education, brain breaks, or even just for some classroom fun! There are over 220 cards to get your students moving and acting!

Charades Drama Cards

Kids love to play Charades! These 32 cards have bright pictures of a nouns (animals, professions) or verbs (sweeping, playing hockey). Students can easily act out the scenarios for their classmates. These are also great to leave as a fun and easy activity for a supply teacher.


Movement Cards 

These 28 actions cards show both locomotor and non-locomotor movements. You can use them for brain breaks, to teach gym class, or as part of a drama or dance unit! The movements included are: digging, clapping, blowing, skiing, pulling, pushing, dancing, walking, running, wiggling, leaping, crawling, jumping, hopping, skipping, throwing, waving, swimming, tiptoeing skating, kicking, twirling, and hitting.

movement cards

Emotions Cards

Use these 22 emotions cards in drama class to act out and identify feelings (happy, sad, angry, scared, embarrassed, surprised, jealous, tired, excited, worried, disappointed, proud, friendly, curious, calm, silly, interested, shy, confident, and bored). There is also a cut and paste activity included.

emotions cards

Tableaux Cards

These 36 task cards of objects and scenes can be used to play a fun tableaux game! Students get into small groups, choose a card, and create the frozen picture together.

tableaux cards

Short Skit Cards

You can use these 32 Short Skit Scenario Cards in your elementary drama class to help students create skits in partners. For example, one of the cards in this pack asks students to act out the scenario of adopting a pet from a pet store.

short skit cards

Nature Cards

You can use these 32 task cards of movements in the natural environment to have students create short dance phrases. Students are challenged to act out the movements of wind, rain, or animals in the environment.

movements in nature cards

Tone of Voice Cards

Students try saying random phrases using a different tone of voice each time. The class members have to guess which tone of voice the student is using (angry, serious, silly, bored, tired, etc.).

tone of voice cards

Sports Charades Cards

Students pretend they are playing different sports like basketball, hockey, tennis, and soccer!  These 20 cards will get students moving their bodies!

sports charades


Community Helpers / Jobs Cards

Students act out different types of jobs and careers using these 24 cards!  These are especially good for students who are learning about community helpers in social studies!

community helpers


All of these card sets are available together in my Drama Card Bundle. If you purchase it, I hope you will enjoy using the activities with your students this year!

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