Math Centers

math centers

What better way to learn math than to do it - hands on! These resources are great for the elementary classroom! Students can use them independently at math centers or in small groups.

Pattern Block Puzzles

pattern block puzzles center

These pattern block outline puzzles are great for hands-on learning! There 2 sets of 18 puzzles (36 in total). One set has the block outlines right on top for beginners and the other set of the same puzzles have outlines only for the higher level learners. This helps with differentiating at your math center. You may also like to use them in your morning tubs.

Counting on a Number Line Center

number line math center

Students fill in the missing numbers on these 60 number line strips that deal with counting forwards and backwards by 1's, 2's, 5's, and 10's. Grade 1, 2, and 3 students will get practice skip counting at a this hands-on math center. You can laminate the strips and use them with fine tip dry erase markers.

Connect the Cubes Math Center

connect the cubes math center

This center can help first grade students develop number sense skills. When they choose a card, they either make a number, compare a number, or order numbers using connecting cubes. This center comes with 36 cards.

Tally & Graph Cards

tally and graph

These 15 Tally and Graph cards can be laminated and used at a math center with dry erase markers. Each card comes with 4 choices for students to tally and graph. You can differentiate by including just the tallies and then have them create the graph based on the data in the chart or have them survey their classmates and complete each card independently. The cards include pictures of each choice (eg. pets, foods, vehicles) so it is good for beginners and ESL students. Each card is a full page. If you don't want to laminate them, they fit nicely into plastic protective covers.

Make a Number Math Center

This center is great for kindergarten or first grade students.  Students can use cubes or counters to compose, compare and order numbers.  Each mat has space for students to make an equal number, a number that is greater than and a number that is less than the number shown.

Non Standard Measurement Center

non standard measurement

If you are working on non-standard measurement, these task cards can be a great way to introduce it.  Students measure the length or height of each picture with the units beside it.  All they have to do is count the number of units beside each picture. The units used are cubes, paper clips, shoes, cans, spoons, and other objects of the same sizes. It comes with 28 cards.

Balancing Equations Math Center


Students fill in the missing numbers to make both sides of the equation equal.  This center comes with 28 task cards.  Laminate and use with fine tip dry erase markers.

Elapsed Time Task Cards

elapsed time

Teaching the passage of time? These Elapsed Time Task Cards are bright, colorful and easy to use! Just laminate them and put them in your math center. They are best for 3rd and 4th grade. There are 30 cards in total.

Transformations Task Cards

transformations task cards

Students will identify translations, rotations and reflections on these Transformations Task Cards. There are 24 cards in all, a student recording sheet, and a teacher answer sheet. These can be used at math centers, for early finishers, or as a morning tub activity!

Each of these resources is available to purchase individually in my store or you can get them all in my Math Centers Bundle!