Reading Comprehension Activities for First and Second Grades

Are you looking for some short reading comprehension passages for your primary students?  While reading books is always great for developing comprehension strategies, short passages are sometimes easier to work with to hone specific skills.

I have created many passages over the years for Grade 1, 2 & 3 students.  They come with questions that require students to use strategies like making connections or inferring from the text.  Below are some of the resources that I have made.

Before you check them out, you might be interested in this FREE Reading Comprehension Passage with Questions!  It is a sample of my work.

reading passage

Reading Passages for Second Grade

Short passages like these are great because they focus on finding the answer in different ways.  For the first 2 questions the answers can be found directly in the text.  The third question requires students to make an inference.  For the last question, students have to make a connection to the text.

It's great for students to practice using these strategies and deepen their understanding of the text.  These passages can be found here.

rabbits reading comprehension passage

Reading Passages for First Grade

If you are looking for simpler passages, you might like these Grade 1 Reading Passages.  Each page only has 2 questions and the answers are found directly in the text.  Students will be able to practice answering in short sentences.


Sequencing Events

These Sequencing Reading Passages are easy to use because students don't have to do any writing.  They simply put the numbers 1 -5 beside the sentences to order them.

These no prep worksheets are great to have on hand for a quick assessment or to leave for a supply teacher.

sequencing events passage

While the above passages are best for Grade 2, the ones below only have 4 sentences to sequence!  They are better for Grade 1 students.

sequence of events

Making Inferences

Like sequencing, making inferences is another important skill that students need to learn.  Inferences are ideas or conclusions drawn from a text, based on the context.  These monster-themed passages are short and simple and ideal for Grade 1 students.


making inferences reading passages

A board game is also included with these passages to help students practice inferencing!

making inferences game

Partner Reading

Reading with a buddy can help develop fluency and increase comprehension skills.

These Partner Reading Passages are great to use with reading buddies, or to send home for parents and students to read together!  They are all non-fiction so they can also be used for mini research projects!

nonfiction reading passages

All of these resources and more can be found in my Reading Comprehension Passages Bundle!

reading comprehension passages

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