Canadian Money Activities & Teaching Resources for the Elementary Grades

Canadian money activities

Are you teaching Canadian Money and  looking for ideas?  Check out these fun, hands-on activities!

Set Up a Classroom Store

Get a set of fake coins and bills (usually made of paper and plastic) for your classroom.  Tell students they can earn different coins for doing different activities like completing classwork.  They can then add up their coins and buy things from the store like pencils, cute mini erasers, sharpeners, or other fun items!  You can also have them practice making change if they give more money than required.

If you don't have a set of plastic coins and bills you can print some off on paper and use those instead!

Play A Class Game

Canadian Money Game

This I Have Who Has Game (without the penny) can be so much fun to play with your class!  All students get cards and ask "Who has" the amount shown on their card.  It's a great way to practice counting coins!

You could also play Canadian Money Bingo to help students identify coins or values of groups of coins!

Set Up Canadian Money Math Centres

Grab some task cards and make a fun center for your students to practice and review counting coins and bills!

Canadian money task cards

These Counting Canadian Money Task Cards make a fun math center activity!  Students count groups of coins and bills up to $100!

If your students are already working on making change, you may like these Making Change Task Cards!

making change with Canadian money task cards


More Resources

Canadian Money Posters (Coins Only)

Canadian coin posters

These posters are great to display around the classroom or on a bulletin board for reference.  There are posters for the penny, nickel, dime, quarter, loonie, and toonie.

Counting Canadian Money  Worksheets

Students can also practice making change in their classroom store.

canadian coins worksheets

These worksheets are useful for independent practice counting groups of coins.  They would also be good for small group lessons if students are struggling.  There are only 4-6 questions per page.  There are 8 worksheets with the penny and 8 worksheets without the penny.

Moving on a Grid - Canadian Money Activity

money activity

My newest creation is an activity that combines teaching financial literacy with location and movement concepts.  Students move on a grid or use coordinates to land on a space.  They then calculate the amount of money in that space and record it!

Canadian Money Financial Literacy Math Units

Canadian Money - Financial Literacy Unit for Grade 1

canadian money cut and paste activity

This cut and paste activity comes from my Grade 1 Money Unit.  It is based on the expectations in the Ontario Curriculum. It covers identifying Canadian coins & bills and comparing their values. The unit includes lesson ideas, worksheets, coin & bill posters, word wall words, task cards, and a test.

Check out these Canadian Money resources and Financial Literacy units for Grades 1, 2 & 3!